Men's Epee All Star Standings


Fencers must compete in 2/3 of all possible bouts to be eligible. Once this threshold is met, the win/loss percentage is used. In the case of ties, indicators (touches scored – touches received) are used. Further tie breakers are undefined.

The thresholds for minimum number of bouts required are 20 bouts for men, and 24 bouts for women.

The table below includes only those fencers who have or could still meet the minimum number of bouts required to qualify for All-Star status.

PARK, Junseo (Thomas)Boston College202195.24%1044559
KAPITZKE, TroySacred Heart232688.46%1256065
COHEN, BennettSacred Heart182378.26%1006040
CENTENO, DanteSacred Heart212777.78%1187939
SINAI, NathanBrown233076.67%1379146
SAPIENZA, Francis (Frank)Dartmouth212972.41%1259332
PEI, YixuanMIT172470.83%1008119
ROLLERT, GriffenBoston College203066.67%13310033
JAKLITSCH, Michael (Mike)Vassar182766.67%1068422
BANYON-MRAK, AidenBoston College152462.50%987721
WILLIAMS GRINNELL, LeifBoston University172958.62%1139419
ARMSTRONG, ChrisBrandeis142556.00%101929
ZHANG, WilliamTufts122254.55%83758
RYJIKOV, Benjamin (Ben)Brown153050.00%1189523
BHATNAGAR, NishayVassar142850.00%1061015
GILLMAN, JackBoston University122450.00%92920
PAUL, Maxwell (Max)UMass143046.67%116124-8
WHITE, Daniel (Dan)UMass133043.33%108122-14
ADNER, EthanDartmouth92142.86%7376-3
TORDO, GarettBrandeis102737.04%89105-16
MISSERT, JustinUNH72035.00%6685-19
KAISH, HarrisonBrandeis62128.57%7195-24
DESMARAIS, IanUNH42416.67%66109-43
TOBIA, GeoffreyTufts33010.00%57142-85
GOSSERT, RyanTufts1283.57%49137-88