Men's Foil All Star Standings


Fencers must compete in 2/3 of all possible bouts to be eligible. Once this threshold is met, the win/loss percentage is used. In the case of ties, indicators (touches scored – touches received) are used. Further tie breakers are undefined.

The thresholds for minimum number of bouts required are 20 bouts for men, and 24 bouts for women.

The table below includes only those fencers who have or could still meet the minimum number of bouts required to qualify for All-Star status.

MASOOD, UmarBrown283093.33%1445985
LICHY, AriBoston College202386.96%1064561
MAYER, CameronBoston College192382.61%1035944
ACINAPURO, PhilipBoston College172180.95%974156
WETMORE, LucasSacred Heart243080.00%1315279
HERMAN, JustinBoston College182378.26%1025646
RICCIO, FrankSacred Heart233076.67%1346965
KIEL, ChristopherMIT132065.00%816318
MUNOZ-SUNE, EduardBrown183060.00%1099811
TALBOT, Joshua (Josh)MIT132259.09%936132
MALLET, JulianSacred Heart173056.67%1178631
LAROSEE, MatthewUMass173056.67%1109614
BERGER, NoeVassar132454.17%937716
GU, DarrenDartmouth152951.72%100991
WEN, JamesDartmouth133043.33%82103-21
REINER, JuliusBrown123040.00%99111-12
WONG, AngusUMass102737.04%80110-30
ALLISON, MaxwellTufts113036.67%100119-19
WALLACE, DavidUNH62326.09%5996-37
DESHENES, BrendanUNH42119.05%4296-54
LUO, NicBoston University42913.79%65135-70