Men's Sabre All Star Standings


Fencers must compete in 2/3 of all possible bouts to be eligible. Once this threshold is met, the win/loss percentage is used. In the case of ties, indicators (touches scored – touches received) are used. Further tie breakers are undefined.

The thresholds for minimum number of bouts required are 20 bouts for men, and 24 bouts for women.

The table below includes only those fencers who have or could still meet the minimum number of bouts required to qualify for All-Star status.

Northeast Fencing Conference All-Star Standings MEN'S SABRE (20 bout min threshold)
MENG, BrendBoston College99100.00%451233
HOOGENDOORN, SemBoston College66100.00%30129
LIN, LucasBrandeis66100.00%30129
ROUNDS, ConnorBoston College66100.00%30327
HOLTMAN, Alexander (Alex)Brandeis88100.00%401525
ROTENSTEIN, LeonBrandeis7887.50%38731
CATINO, CharlesBrandeis7887.50%381721
PYATETSKY, ShawnBrandeis6785.71%331815
TRACY, JahiBoston College5683.33%271116
MU, SlavinBrandeis5683.33%261115
FEENEY, SeanBrown121580.00%672740
BRUNSON, LevonBrown121580.00%664521
KULDELL, SpencerBoston College7977.78%431231
SLAVIN, BenBoston College7977.78%421626
LU, AaronMIT101376.92%592435
SIMPSON, AidanMIT101471.43%573522
CHAUDHRY, RajBoston University91560.00%54468
DOTSON, ConnorMIT81457.14%493910
MAHONEY, DonalUMass81553.33%55532
CLARKE, StephenSacred Heart61540.00%4255-13
CINI, HunterUNH41330.77%3056-26
SENERTH, IanSacred Heart41526.67%3659-23
CHO, PaulUMass31323.08%2053-33
BOVIE, AdamUNH21315.38%2257-35
LYNCH, AlexBoston University21513.33%2767-40
MCLAUGHLIN, Robert (Bobby)UMass21513.33%2469-45
BACCHIOCCHI, MassimoSacred Heart21513.33%2369-46
CONNORS, RalphUNH1128.33%1555-40
KOENIG, JonathanBoston University1156.67%2570-45