Women's Epee All Star Standings


Fencers must compete in 2/3 of all possible bouts to be eligible. Once this threshold is met, the win/loss percentage is used. In the case of ties, indicators (touches scored – touches received) are used. Further tie breakers are undefined.

The thresholds for minimum number of bouts required are 20 bouts for men, and 24 bouts for women.

The table below includes only those fencers who have or could still meet the minimum number of bouts required to qualify for All-Star status.

Northeast Fencing Conference All-Star Standings WOMEN'S EPEE (24 min bouts threshold)
CALVENTUS-COVENEY, JuliaWellesley1515100.00%723240
BODEN, LauraBoston College131681.25%684325
SAKHAROVA, HelenMIT162080.00%955045
BANG, JaimeBoston College111573.33%694326
VELLA, Katherine (Katie)Boston University131872.22%846222
TANG, PanyaWellesley5771.43%28271
PODVISOCKA, SofijaBrown131968.42%835924
NUNN, TaiylorMIT131968.42%725220
CHERRY, AshleySacred Heart121866.67%745816
ZU, AllyBrown6966.67%35296
FERRETTI, AriannaBrown121866.67%76724
RUDAKOVA, DariaSacred Heart111861.11%766214
LOTT, LyricSmith111861.11%706010
ABBOTT, SamanthaSacred Heart111861.11%72684
ULENE, SophieBrown101758.82%66615
KO, ChristinaBoston College71258.33%523913
LEE, ErikaBoston University91752.94%66624
LEVY, DakotaBrandeis112152.38%81783
WONG, JillianBoston University61250.00%45396
BAFFA, CaterinaSmith91850.00%70682
WOLSTENHOLM-BRITT, SamanthaWellesley71546.67%51483
RUAN, JiayiUMass81844.44%69672
HANSON, LucyBoston College51241.67%4047-7
SPEAR, JessicaBrandeis82040.00%6874-6
VIBERT, Madeleine (Maddy)Brandeis51533.33%4965-16
KILLY, S. VioletMIT72133.33%6791-24
RAFFERTY, HannahBoston University2728.57%2329-6
DIGAN, MichaelaUMass51827.78%5981-22
CRONIN, CassandraWellesley31127.27%3340-7
MAN, StephanieUMass41526.67%4463-19
CHENG, LanzhaoSmith2922.22%2441-17
TUCCIARONE, Gabriella (Gabby)Smith2922.22%2239-17
KIM, AlisonUNH41822.22%4484-40
HODGKINS, JessicaUNH31816.67%4184-43
LAFRANCE, DarcyUNH21811.11%4986-37