Women's Foil All Star Standings


Fencers must compete in 2/3 of all possible bouts to be eligible. Once this threshold is met, the win/loss percentage is used. In the case of ties, indicators (touches scored – touches received) are used. Further tie breakers are undefined.

The thresholds for minimum number of bouts required are 20 bouts for men, and 24 bouts for women.

The table below includes only those fencers who have or could still meet the minimum number of bouts required to qualify for All-Star status.

Northeast Fencing Conference All-Star Standings WOMEN'S FOIL (24 min bouts threshold)
CARMINUCCI, JoanneBrandeis1313100.00%651748
GETS, JessicaBrandeis131492.86%692544
DEVEREAUX, KateBoston College111291.67%571740
LEE, MadisonBoston College111291.67%571938
LYON, MackenzieBoston College8988.89%411427
JIN, ElenaBrown151788.24%813150
SUSINI, AnnaBrown151883.33%822953
SOLSKY, BrookeBoston College131681.25%743242
MOY, KaylaBoston College111478.57%632736
TSAO, LucilleWellesley141877.78%794633
MAURER, BrieWellesley141877.78%784533
LI, StephanieMIT152075.00%823646
SINCLAIR, GinaBrown81172.73%481731
DITINSKY, HannaUMass131872.22%744331
BRUNNSTROM, EbbaBrown121770.59%703832
PITE, ReneeBrandeis91369.23%573027
GU, KarenMIT122060.00%805525
MCGHEE, JocelynMIT112152.38%6669-3
PETRIDES, TiaSacred Heart81844.44%6063-3
MCLACHLAN, MollyWellesley71838.89%5163-12
ABAQUIN, AnicaBoston University61735.29%4659-13
FISCHER, CarolineSacred Heart51827.78%4174-33
NUNZIATO, AlisonUMass51827.78%4074-34
FITZPATRICK, Abigail (Abby)UMass41625.00%3961-22
RICCIARDI, SophiaBoston University41822.22%3178-47
YAGUDA, BellaSmith21216.67%1454-40
SMITH, BreannaSacred Heart31816.67%3080-50
CURTIS, CaitlynBoston University21612.50%3172-41
NGUYEN, Phuong (Kat)UNH21811.11%3088-58
BELLINSON, CordeliaSmith1128.33%1459-45
SMITH, AllisonSmith1156.67%1674-58
HASTIE, MadisonUNH1185.56%2188-67