The round orders and strip assignments below should be considered tentative until one week prior to the competition date.
  • Times listed are round start times.
  • There will be a lunch break after round #3 that will last approximately 30 minutes.

NFC #1 11/17/2018 @MIT

Schedule subject to change up to 7 days prior to event.
RoundStart TimePod 1Pod 2Pod 3Pod 4
110:00 AMMITUMassBrownBoston UniversityUNHBoston CollegeSmithBrandeis
211:00 AMMITUNHBoston UniversityBrandeisBrownSacred HeartSmithUMassWellesleyBoston College
312:00 PMMITBoston UniversityBrandeisSacred HeartUMassBoston CollegeBrownSmithWellesleyUNH
41:30 PMMIT vs
Boston University
vs Smith
BrandeisUMassUNHSacred HeartBrownBoston College
52:30 PMMITBrandeisBrownUNHUMassBoston UniversitySmithBoston CollegeWellesleySacred Heart
63:30 PMMITSmithBoston CollegeSacred HeartBrownUMassBrandeisWellesley
74:30 PMMITSacred HeartBoston UniversityBoston CollegeUNHBrandeisBrownWellesley

NFC #2 1/26/2019 @Brown University

URI joins as our special guest. Contests with URI will be counted as scrimmages in the NFC: the results will not be included in official NFC conference statistics.

RoundStart TimePod 1Pod 2Pod 3Pod 4
110:00 AMBrownBrandeisVassarMITDartmouthTufts
211:00 AMBrownMITBoston CollegeBrandeisTuftsVassarDartmouthURI
312:00 PMBrownDartmouthTuftsBrandeisBoston CollegeVassarMITURI
41:30 PMTuftsMITVassarBrandeisBoston CollegeDartmouth
52:30 PMBrownVassarTuftsBoston CollegeMITDartmouthBrandeisURI
63:30 PMBrownTuftsBrandeisDartmouthMITBoston CollegeVassarURI

NFC #3 2/9/2019 @Tufts University

Schedule subject to change up to 7 days prior to event.
RoundStart TimePod 1Pod 2Pod 3Pod 4 (3 strips only)Byes
110:00 AMTuftsWellesleyBoston UniversityDartmouthVassarUMassSmithSacred HeartUNH
211:00 AMUNHUMassDartmouthSacred HeartBoston UniversityVassarSmithTuftsWellesley
312:00 PMTuftsUMassUNHBoston UniversityDartmouthVassarSmithWellesleySacred Heart
41:30 PMWellesleyUMassUNHDartmouthBoston UniversitySacred HeartSmithVassarTufts
52:30 PMTuftsSacred HeartWellesleyVassarUMassDartmouthSmithUNHBoston University
63:30 PMTuftsUNHWellesleyBoston UniversityVassarSacred HeartSmithDartmouthUMass
74:30 PMTuftsBoston UniversityUMassSacred HeartUNHVassarDartmouthWellesleySmith