Conference Accolades


Team Champions

champion men's teams

Sacred Heart University

Champion women's team

George H. Fischer Trophy Winners

Brown University

Champion combined teams

Sollee-Lilien Trophy Winners

Brown University

Fencers of the Year

Given to the top male and female fencers in the conference.

All-star rankings are used to select fencers of the year. The all-star who has the greatest victory percentage across all weapons in a gender is used to select the fencer of the year. In the case of ties, there are no tie-breakers defined; ties are possible.

Stuart Holmes

Sacred Heart University


Jayme Smith

Sacred Heart University


Conference all-stars

We recognize sustained achievement by individuals by bestowing First Team (top 3 performers) and Second Team (next 3 top performers) in each weapon.

Once the bouts fenced threshold* is met, the victory percentage (greater value prevails) is used to determine all-star ranking . In the case of ties, indicators (touches scored – touches received; greater difference prevails) are used. Further tie breakers are undefined.

*Bouts fenced threshold: To be eligible, a fencer must fence in a minimum of 2/3 of the scheduled bouts in the season (minimums are 20 for men, 24 for women). This threshold is common to all of the conference's individual accolades.


First Team -- Men

Stuart Holmes, SHU (28-0, 100%)

Andrew Holmes, SHU (27-1, 96.4%)

Alex Harwood, SHU (19-2, 90.5%)

First Team -- Women

Jayme Smith, SHU (34-2, 94.4%)

Audrey Lee, Brown (28-3, 90.3%)

McCarter, SHU (32-4, 88.9%)

Second Team -- Men

Hanmin Lee, BC (22-6, 78.6%)

Patrick Riley, BC (21-6, 77.8%)

Noah Berman, Brandeis (17-5, 77.3%)

Second Team -- Women

Caroline Mattos, Brandeis (29-4, 87.9%)

Katie Leclair, Vassar (30-5, 85.7%)

Heather Szilagyi, Dartmouth (30-6, 83.3%)


First Team -- Men

Kevin Almerini, SHU (19-2, 90.5%)

Joey Rafidi, MIT (25-3, 89.3%)

Jack Greenfield, MIT (21-3, 87.5%)

First Team -- Women

Cara Hall, BC (33-2, 94.3%)

Cory Abbe, Brown (24-3, 88.9%)

Laura Jarin-Lipschitz, MIT (29-6, 82.9%)

Second Team -- Men

Simon Jones, Brown (22-4, 84.6%)

Kelly Maguire, Brown (20-5, 80.0%)

Geremiah German, SHU (23-6, 79.3%)

Second Team -- Women

Olivia Adragna, BC (28-6, 82.4%)

Megan Floyd, SHU (28-7, 80.0%)

Laney Caldwell, Brown (20-6, 76.9%)


First Team -- Men

Adam Mandel, Brandeis (19-1, 95%)

Teddy Weller, Brown (26-2, 92.9%)

Nick Deak, Brown (21-2, 91.3%)

First Team -- Women

Christine Whalen, Brown (27-2, 93.1%)

Robin Shin, MIT (33-3, 91.7%)

Lauren Altman, Brown (27-4, 87.1%)

Second Team -- Men

Nick Sledesky, MIT (27-3, 90.0%)

Denis Duchalov, Brown (20-3, 87.0%)

Tom Gerrity, SHU (26-4, 86.7%)

Second Team -- Women

Elena Tringa, SHU (22-5, 81.5%)

Sarah Innes-Gold, Tufts (21-5, 80.8%)

Zoe Messinger, Brandeis (25-6, 80.6%)

Elliot Lilien Award

Nikhil Patel - Boston College

Men's Epee

Named after NFC founder, former Commissioner, and USA Fencing Hall of Fame - nominated coach Elliot Lilien. This award is given to that fencer in the conference who shows exemplary sportsmanship and an excellent parry system.

To be eligible, a fencer meet the bouts fenced threshold that is also applied to all-star eligibility.

The winner is selected by voting at the coaches and captains at the annual meeting.

Sachs Award

Anna Degtyareva - UMass

Women's Sabre

Named after Elif and Jason Sachs, former coaches at Tufts University. Given to the fencer "with the best record who started fencing in College." [from the award inscription]

To be eligible, a must not have had any experience in fencing prior to fencing in college.

All-star rankings are used to select the Sachs award winner. The eligible fencer who has the greatest victory percentage across all weapons and genders is selected. In the case of ties, there are no tie-breakers defined; ties are possible.

Coaches of the Year

Given for men's team and women's team coaches.

The winner is selected by voting at the coaches and team captains at the annual meeting.

Prior to 2016, this award was the "Coach of the Year," and recognized the head coach of the team, or the entire team in the cases where the team did not have a coach. Starting in 2016, this award name was changed to reflect the contribution of the entire coaching staff, and the award was given in the school's name.

Tom Vrabel

Sacred Heart University


Scott Tundermann

Smith College